Hey, I'm Riley!

Hey, I'm Riley!

My passion for dogs started pretty young. My family often adopted, or purchased, a dog who inevitably developed behavior problems, and then rehomed him only to repeat the process with the next dog. Each one of them had a bad habit that, looking back, we encouraged unknowingly. We did not know any different. If a dog bit, we got rid of it. If it jumped on people, chased cats, played too rough… we sent them all on their way and just got a new one. Knowing what I know now, I know that all of those problems were so simple to fix, but I needed someone who knew dogs.

I didn’t intend on becoming a dog trainer until I had adopted Georgia…

When I was 16, I adopted “my own” Basset Hound puppy. It didn’t take long before Georgia turned into a holy terror and ran our household, being way too excited, nipping, and stealing objects that didn’t belong to her. Faced with the painful decision of rehoming her, I decided to seek out a professional dog trainer.

That’s how I got my start training dogs!

Shortly thereafter, I became an apprentice dog trainer and fell in love with helping dogs and their people. My mentor, Amy, taught me SO much, and always encouraged me to continue learning.

To this day, I am so grateful for all that Georgia has taught me, and that she brought me to phenomenal mentors (dogs and people alike) who continue to bless me with more knowledge.

My unique training methods are a result of a mixture of proven techniques and philosophies that I have learned from several trainers and behaviorists. Dogs are incredibly individual and deserve to be treated as such, which is why I always keep my approach to training open and flexible. I am constantly learning from the dogs that I work with, as well as pursuing continuing education from a variety of fellow colleagues and mentors.

I am truly passionate about helping YOU and your dog create a happier life through relationship building, structure, guidance, and FUN!

Our Bar W Pack


Our sweet 7-year old Basset Hound


Our handsome 7-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback


Our stunning 5-year old Labrador Retriever


All of our dogs are wonderfully balanced. They play an active role in training our Board-and-Train dogs, as well as some of our private session clients.

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