Dog Training
Connecting dogs with their people

Riley talking to two of her dogs


Connecting and communicating with your dog is a crucial part of happy, healthy, and stress-free pet ownership.

More than just dog training


Using basic obedience and consistent methods, you and your dog can have the relationship you have always wanted.

Dogs are more than willing and, oftentimes, desperately seeking connection and communication that makes sense. Let me teach you how to communicate with your dog.

Riley kneeling down connecting with her three dogs.


Riley has been professionally training dogs for nearly 7 years. As a Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), she is constantly cultivating her methodology and learning new techniques and philosophies so that she can continue to provide the best services for her clients and their dogs.

Bar W Dog Training Reviews

"I am extremely happy with Riley’s training and would trust my dogs with her anytime!"
-Cynthia Garlaska

"Riley takes the time to assess the needs of all the dogs she meets and has helped me with my dog immensely."
-Tessa Hornbach

"My sweet babies are so amazing because of her leadership & knowledge!!!! "
-Misti Moser


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